This page includes, a list of all courses that I took in my life.

Online Courses

Description Offered By Issue Date Credential ID
AI For Everyone (coursera) July 01, 2020 KNDV56JCLVNA
Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Pierian Data Inc (udemy) March 25, 2020 UC-e6527304-b62b-4dbf-9a71-2d80a9ac013b
Using Databases with Python University of Michigan (coursera) March 09, 2020 BTE4CU64GBZ4
Managing Big Data with MySQL Duke University (coursera) February 29, 2020 V8RDYPM9X8N2
Introduction to Data Science in Python University of Michigan (coursera) February 22, 2020 CTYUQCC7C23S

BS/MS Coursework

Course Code Description Instructor Name  
  Computer Sciences    
COMP-101 Introduction to Computer and its Applications Dr. M. Junaid Iqbal Khan  
PHYS-307 Computational Physics with C++ Dr. Fayyaz Hussain  
MNGT-112 Entrepreneurship Dr. Naveed Shareef  
MNGT-111 Human Resource Management Dr. Naveed Shareef  
EDUC-111 Teaching and Learning Ms. Munawar Zahra  
ENGL-101 English-I (Functional English) Ms. Momina Zaidi  
ENGL-102 English-II (Communication Skills) Ms. Momina Zaidi  
ENGL-201 English-III (Report Writing) Ms. Momina Zaidi  
MATH-101 Calculus-I Dr. Awais Younus  
MATH-102 Calculus-II Dr. Awais Younus  
MATH-201 Calculus-III Dr. Awais Younus  
PHYS-301 Mathematical Methods of Physics-I Dr. M. Younus Nadeem  
PHYS-302 Mathematical Methods of Physics-II Dr. M. Younus Nadeem  
PHYS-309 Analog Electronics-I Dr. M. Tariq Bhatti  
PHYS-310 Analog Electronics-II Dr. M. Tariq Bhatti  
PHYS-421 Digital Electronics-I Dr. Ejaz Ahmad  
PHYS-422 Digital Electronics-II Dr. Ejaz Ahmad  
  Experimental Physics    
PHYS-103 Physics Laboratory-I Dr. Fayyaz Hussain  
PHYS-106 Physics Laboratory-II Fezza Ahmad  
PHYS-203 Physics Laboratory-Ill Dr. M. Ismail  
PHYS-210 Physics Laboratory-IV Dr. M. Ismail  
PHYS-311 Laboratory (Spectroscopy and Modern Physics) Instructor  
PHYS-312 Laboratory (Analog Electronics) Dr. Syed Hamad Bukhari  
PHYS-423 Digital Electronics Laboratory Dr. M. Tariq Bhatti  
PHYS-424 Laboratory/Project Dr. M. Tariq Bhatti  
PHY-500 Graduate Physics Lab Dr. M. Faryad  
PHY-602 Engineering Physics Project Lab Dr. M. Sabieh Anwar  
PHYS-308 Optics Instructor  
PHYS-402 Laser Dr. Misbah-ul-Islam  
PHY-516 Opto-Electronic Devices Dr. M. Imran Cheema  
PHY-416 Principles of Optics Dr. M. Imran Cheema  
PHY-5112 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy Dr. Habib-ur- Rehman  
  Quantum mechanics    
PHYS-303 Quantum Mechanics-I Dr. Javed Ahmad  
PHYS-304 Quantum Mechanics-II Dr. S. Hamad Bukhari  
PHY-517 Quantum Mechanics III Dr. Maqbool Ahmad  
PHYS-401 Nuclear Physics Mr. Asim Javed  
  Material Sciencess    
PHYS-403 Solid State Physics Instructor  
PHYS-404 Solid State Physics-II Instructor  
PHYS-306 Thermal and Statistical Physics Instructor  
PHY-535 Advanced Condensed Matter Physics Instructor  
PHYS-405 Electromagnetic Theory-I Dr. Zakariya Arif  
PHYS-406 Electromagnetic Theory-II Dr. Zakariya Arif  
PHY-501 Electrodynamics Dr. Muhammad Faryad  
  Foundation Physics    
PHYS-101 Mechanics-I Ms. Mudassira  
PHYS-102 Mechanics-II Ms. Mudassira  
PHYS-104 Waves and Oscillations Dr. Niaz Ahmed  
PHYS-201 Electricity and Magnetism-I Dr. Zakariya Arif  
PHYS-206 Electricity and Magnetism-II Dr. Fayyaz Hussain  
PHYS-204 Heat and Thermodynamics Dr. Niaz Ahmed  
PHYS-208 Electronics and Modern Physics Dr. Ishfaq  
PHYS-305 Classical Mechanics Dr. Anwar Manzoor  
CHEM-151 Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Arif  
CHEM-160 Organic Chemistry Dr. Ishfaq  
CHEM-271 Physical Chemistry ……..  
CHEM-210 Analytical Chemistry Mr. Salman  
PAKS-101 Pakistan Studies Instructor  
ISLS-101 Islamic Studies Dr. Idrees Lodhi  
ARAB-101 Arabic Dr. Abdurraheem